CGT for overseas investors

CGT for overseas investors The government’s announcement in the 2013 Autumn Statement is now nearly 12 months’ old, and yet there is a lot still not known about the detail…

Life as a trainee solicitor

Life as a trainee solicitor If someone had said to me three years ago that I would have been starting my training contract at a law firm who specialise in…

The return of private rental regulation

Croydon are the latest London borough to announce that they are to consult on the introduction of licensing the private rental stock within its Borough. Croydon’s stated objective is to “secure a consistent level of responsible property


Private Roads

My solicitor has advised me that the development site that I am trying to buy is situated on a private road.  What implications does this have for my development? More…

Judicial Review

I am entering into a contract conditional on a satisfactory planning consent being granted. My solicitor tells me that it is important to allow for a “judicial review” period. Is…