New Builds

As management schemes and other site documentation become more complex and voluminous, it is becoming common practice for firms to be recommended by developers to act for buyers.

The Developers will usually set a panel or 2 or 3 firms of Conveyancing Solicitors and this gives those firms the opportunity to pre-approve the legal documents sometimes prior to the launch of the Development.

new builds

The advantage for the client is that having considered the documentation carefully and at the outset of the development Solicitors can often negotiate better terms for their clients.

It also has the advantage of allowing the solicitors to report on title to the client immediately upon receipt of the documentation from the developer’s solicitors. This can be very appealing for many developers who seek a very fast exchange of contracts (sometimes just ten days after the buyer has submitted an offer).

Over the past 10 years the case-handlers dealing with “new build” work have been nominated as recommended purchasers solicitors by many developers including the following:

  • St George Developments Limited
  • Berkeley Homes Limited
  • Heron Residences (part of Heron Intl)
  • Barratt Homes Limited
  • Ballymore Properties Limited
  • Heronsbrook Homes Limited
  • Laing Homes Limited
  • St James Homes Limited

We have been involved on a number of different developments for most of the above
companies, the developments ranging from areas in and around London to Oxford and Cambridge.

It is however a major concern at Ashworths that where we are recommended we remain completely independent of the developer. We have a record of ensuring that the interests of our clients are paramount at all times. Due to economies of scale we are able to undertake this work at Special rates that will be dictated by the size and complexity of the individual development.

We are happy to discuss your requirements with you and to advise in general terms on all aspects of the transaction and the estimated legal cost. Please either contact us by telephone or email us at:

CALL US: 0345 370 1000

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