First-time buyer conveyancing solicitors

Buying your first property is an exciting time and a major milestone in anyone’s life. Investing in property. However, is not a cheap thing to do and it is vital that you secure the best possible legal advice and services to ensure that the transaction goes through with as little hassle as possible. Ashworths Buyer Vonveyancing Solicitors have many years’ experience in helping first-time buyers purchase the property of their dreams.

Buying your first home in the UK

First Time BuyerConveyancing is the term for the legal processes that come with buying or selling a property, or, in other words, the legal transfer of property from one owner to another. In the UK, this can be a complex process that will require legal support and advice in the majority of cases. There are several stages for a first-time buyer solicitor to oversee, from initial quotations, property viewings and putting in an offer, through to surveyors’ reports, mortgage acceptance and exchanging contracts.

Government home ownership schemes in the UK

The UK government has a number of ‘Help to Buy’ home ownership schemes in place that a first-time buyer conveyancing solicitors will be able to talk you through. Shared ownership schemes allow you to buy a leasehold property via shared ownership with a Housing Association, so long as you meet a number of criteria. Specialist shared ownership schemes for older or disabled people also exist, as does a ‘Help to Buy’ low-interest loan programme for people who need help raising the funds to purchase a property to live in.

Choosing the right conveyancing solicitors for first-time buyers

buyer conveyancing solicitors - Client buying his first homeFor many people, the main concern when choosing who to handle your conveyancing is the cost of first-time buyer solicitor fees. However, when you are making such a big investment – for many people the biggest they will make in their lives – trying to cut costs on the legal professionals supporting the purchase is a big mistake. First-time buyers, in particular, will benefit hugely from the expertise and experience of a top conveyancing law firm such as Ashworths Solicitors to help guide them through the process.

Our conveyancing process

At Ashworths  buyer conveyancing solicitors we have a tried-and-tested conveyancing process that supports buyers and vendors through the transfer of ownership of a property. Once a buyer has identified a property that they would like to purchase, has put in an offer and had it accepted, we begin by carrying out extensive searches to ensure the property is legitimate and that the details in the sale particulars are correct. We help to arrange the logistics of the mortgage, property loan or other means of payment and prepare contracts for the sale’s completion and the exchange of paperwork and keys

Guidance for first-time buyers

Our first-time buyer conveyancing solicitors guide has been drawn up to help those who are new to the property market navigate their way through. The guide is available here: First-time buyers – Things to know and contains such gems of wisdom as: ‘view as many properties as possible’… ‘expect the unexpected’… and ‘ensure you understand the difference between a leasehold property and a freehold property, and the obligations that come with buying each.’

Mortgages for first-time buyers

Applying for a mortgage is a fairly straightforward process and the outcome will depend on your financial situation, background checks and size of deposit you are able to put down on the purchase of a property. Always shop around to find the best mortgage deal for your individual circumstances and make sure that you can afford the repayments and have a back-up plan if your financial situation suddenly changes as your home could be at risk if you default on your mortgage repayments.

Let us guide you with your first steps towards buying your own home

buyer conveyancing solicitors - Homes for the first time buyersThe team at Ashworths Solicitors is reputable, friendly, and flexible – everything you could wish for in a first-time buyer conveyancing solicitors. We can guide you through each step of the process and will keep in touch with you all the way to ensure that you understand and are happy to proceed with the conveyancing on your new property.

Why you should choose Ashworths Solicitors for buying your first property

We have built up many years of experience undertaking the conveyancing on a range of properties – domestic and commercial, rural and urban, and covering all sizes, budgets, and amenities. Our buyer conveyancing solicitors team is fully qualified and highly passionate about helping you secure your first home.

Ready to speak to a first-time buyer conveyancing solicitors?

Pick up the phone and speak to our team about buying or selling your first home. As a buyer conveyancing solicitors, we offer everyone a no-obligation, initial consultation to discuss your needs, give you a personalised quote for our services and get the ball rolling on your purchase or sale


While it is legal to carry out your own conveyancing, it is usually not advisable. There are many legalities that can potentially crop up, and having the support of a professional conveyancing law firm is the most effective way to keep your property purchase on track.

Good avenues for finding as reliable conveyancing solicitor include asking around for local recommendations and reading online reviews from previous satisfied customers. Your estate agent may also be able to pass on the details of a well-regarded law firm in the locality.

First-time buyer conveyancing costs can vary, depending on the complexity of the conveyancing to be done, the area in which the property is located and the number of hours that will be spent on the individual case. Your solicitor should provide you with a no-obligation quote at the very start of the process to give you a clear idea of the costs involved.

A first-time buyer can be defined as an individual, couple or group of people who have never purchased a property before. They may be moving out of a parent’s home, looking to move from renting into property ownership or seeking to invest in a buy-to-let property for the first time.

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