Kevin’s 1,000 miles for Prostate Cancer UK

Kevin Webber - Kevin's 1,000 miles for Prostate Cancer UK

You may have heard before about our good friend Kevin Webber who, at the age of 49 with three kids at school, was told that he may only have two years to live with incurable prostate cancer. Since that time he has been through chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a bunch of other nasty drugs, but has managed to keep going and completed many ultra marathons including the Marathon Des Sables which he is doing for the second time with Prostate Cancer in April this year.

His mission in the time he has left is to raise as much as he can for Prostate Cancer UK so that they can find a cure for this indiscriminate disease that gets one in eight men in the UK (yes 1,000 men a month die of this in the UK alone) so that when today’s kids are older they will never have to worry about this cancer. If you want to and feel able to afford to support his efforts please visit his Just Giving page.

Kevin Webber’s Fundraising Mission