Retrieving historical information from our files

We will always do our very best to assist with requests for information from our old files.  We fully understand that sometimes papers do go astray, and that copy documents may be needed to assist with tax returns or subsequent dealings with your property.

We will try to deal with your request quickly and at minimal cost, but you must be aware that our files have been fully electronic for only a short period of time and consequently your request may require the physical retrieval of an archived file either from our contracted archiving provider, or from our own secure off-site deeds storage facility.  Please also bear in mind that we do destroy our files after ten years.

Please also be aware that some of the information requests that we receive may also be satisfied more quickly (and cheaply) by getting the information directly from third parties.

File and deeds retrieval

If we do need to retrieve a file from our archiving provider we will usually make a charge of £30 plus VAT for doing so.  The file may take around three days to be delivered to us.  An expedited request can usually be accommodated, but for an additional charge.

We will usually store our clients’ title deeds (such as they do now exist) free of charge.  Retrieval of those documents will therefore be at no cost to you, but there may be short delay in obtaining the documents.  This is because a member of our staff needs to physically attend the off-site facility and remove the records.

Copy Land Registry titles

If we have a recent copy of your title on our computerised case management system we will gladly send that to you without charge.  Please be aware that if you need the title for a new transaction then the copies that we hold are undoubtedly going to be considered out of date.

If you do want an up to date copy of your title, we recommend that you visit the Land Registry’s website where you can order a copy at the same fee that we get charged.

We do not recommend that you use any source other than the official Land Registry site.

If you want a copy of your lease or other documents held by the Land Registry these are not easily available to the public without a Land Registry account.  Again, if we hold these documents on our computerised case management system we will gladly forward an electronic copy without charge.  If, however, we need to order these on your behalf we will pass on a handling fee of £5 per document in addition to the amount that we get charged.

Payment of our fees

We will gladly accept payment of our file retrieval fees by credit card or debit card over the telephone, or we can provide our bank details upon request for an electronic transfer.

If you are using (or considering using) us to help with the sale or remortgage of your property then we will usually waive the file retrieval fee.

We are happy to discuss your requirements with you and to advise in general terms on all aspects of the transaction and the estimated legal cost. Please either contact us by telephone or email us at:

CALL US: 0345 370 1000

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