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    Client authority to sign a contract or agreement

    It is possible for us to sign a simple contract or agreement on your behalf as your agent, and this web form has been designed as a simple mechanism for you to provide us with your authority to do so.

    Please note  that we retain absolute discretion as to whether we will accept your instruction to sign a contract or agreement on your behalf.  Circumstances do vary from matter to matter and any instructions that you provide us to act as your agent are limited to the document attached to this web form.

    Please also be aware that we can only sign simple contracts and agreements as your agents.  Documents that need to be executed “under deed” must be signed by the actual party to that document.

    It is necessary for you to attach to this form the final version of the document that you are authorising us to sign.  Once you have done that we will proceed to exchange contracts.  We are signing as your agent, and you are legally bound by the document that we are signing on your behalf.

    We are happy to discuss your requirements with you and to advise in general terms on all aspects of the transaction and the estimated legal cost. Please either contact us by telephone or email us at:

    CALL US: 0345 370 1000

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