What is the Land Registry?

The Land Registry is part of the UK Government that registers the ownership or property and land in England and Wales. Owners are provided with an official deed that lays out the title of the land and gives formal proof of their ownership, as well as any changes to mortgage or lease details. The title also indicates the boundaries of the land or property. 

Land registry

Registering land or property with the Land Registry secures you property rights as its owner and helps to protect you against fraud. It also makes it easier to sell property at a later date.

Land Registry Service in Wimbledon

Ashtead Solicitors are based in Wimbledon and offer a full range of property and conveyancing services. This includes liaison with the Land Registry and handling of associated paperwork. Ashworths Solicitors can apply to the Land Registry on clients’ behalf and will ensure that details are correct and queries are resolved. The team can also help clarify any points arounds rights of way across the land, trusts, leases, flood risks and other matters that could prove less than straightforward.

Homes for the first time buyers - Land registry

Land Registry Guidelines

Applying to the Land Registry is a crucial part of buying and selling property or land and cannot be overlooked. Ashworth Solicitors has an expert team of conveyancing experts who can help you navigate the paperwork required. 

Some guidelines for dealing with the process include being as accurate and comprehensive as possible when filing an application. Missing information or mistakes can cause delays further down the line. Make sure the exact location and boundaries lines are identified, along with anything usual, such as rights of way, changes to boundaries etc.

Registry Calculation Process

Land Registry fees can vary, according to the type and complexity of each application. Details can be found on the UK Government’s website. Ashworths Solicitors can help you calculate what you need to pay, whether you are affected by Scale 1 or Scale 2 transactions or charges around registered land, leases or large-scale and fixed-fee applications. We will answer any questions you may have and support you through the entire process to ensure that your land or property is correctly registered.

How long does it take?

After a property purchase or sale is completed, the solicitors acting for the new owners are required to register the change of ownership with the Land Registry. This can take up to 12 months to process, but most cases are normally completed within six. 

At Ashworths Solicitors, we can handle all of that for you. Exact timescales will vary depending on the complexity of the process, whether the property is freehold or leasehold and whether there are any additional issues around the right of way, flood risks or boundary disputes with neighbouring properties.