Key Details Form

We are in the process of trialling a system where our new clients can confirm their contact details to us electronically, and can also allow us to verify their ID details by using a third party system called “Third Fort”.

You are invited to complete the form at bottom of this page which will enable us to prepare a link which will be sent to your mobile telephone.

If you would prefer to carry out this process manually, please do let us know.

Anti-Money Laundering

Ashworths have implemented a number of practical steps to reduce the likelihood of the firm and its client account being used to “launder” the proceeds of crime.  We appreciate that some of these steps will on occasions prove to be inconvenient to our clients.  Where there is a good reason to depart from our published guidance, please do speak to your case handler to discuss whether it might still be possible to proceed.

The practical steps that you should be aware of include the following:

  • Verification of identity. You are being asked to complete this form so that we can verify your identity.  Please be aware that only very limited steps will be taken on your file until this form is completed and returned.
  • Obtaining information regarding source of funds. You should expect to be asked to confirm the source of funds.  Ordinarily we would expect funds to be sent to the firm from a bank account in your own name.  Please discuss with your case handler if you intend to use funds provided by a third party and be prepared to explain why the funds are coming from this source.
  • Avoiding unsolicited payments in to our client account. Please do not send funds electronically to our client account without being invited to do so.  Where possible please quote your client number (which will appear on our correspondence and also on our statements).  Please do not pass on our client account details to third parties.
  • Returning funds only to the account that they have been sent from.
  • Limiting the amount of cash that we will accept. Our case handlers and staff have instructions not to accept any more than £350 in cash.

Politically Exposed Persons

We are required to be aware as to whether any of our clients are likely to be “politically exposed”.  The Financial Action Taskforce has published some guidelines to accompany the definition of who is a Politically Exposed Person (or “PEP”).  Please click here for an explanation of who might be classed as a PEP.

The “ThirdFort” ID process will cross-check your details against a database of persons whom might be deemed to be Politically Exposed, and it is possible that we will need to ask you some additional questions to determine whether you fall within one of the categories mentioned.

It is important to understand that being a PEP does not prevent you from being a client of the firm, but we are required by law to determine whether or not you might fall within that definition.

If you think that you might fall within one of the categories mentioned here, please speak to us before signing the declaration below.